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IHGF Delhi Fair-Spring 201 7

               Mr. Rajbeer Chhabra of Hemkund Exports shared, "we  regularly in this show." They specialise in Jaipur’s
           have been into manufacturing and exports of Christmas  distinctive hand-made ceramics. Initially they used fewer
           decoratives as well as handicrafts made of brass, iron,  colours but now are including more. Their major markets
           aluminum and glass in varied antique finishes. This year  for exports are Japan, Italy and USA. "But buyers are also
           we introduced lamps and flowers as per our US buyers'  coming from China”, said Mrs. Bordia and added, “IHGF is a
                                                                 great platform. It has done tremendously well to uplift
             This one stop sourcing event adds to its list of    Indian crafts. Earlier few people knew about Indian
             patrons with each edition                           competency in product making but now the world
                                 Overseas buyers consider this   knows."
                                 as a “One Stop Sourcing
                                                                     Among textile and home furnishing exhibitors was
                                 Event” and Indian exhibitors
                                                                 Mr. Ravindra Kumar of Balaji Loom Tex, manufacturer
                                 term IHGF as the most
                                                                                          exporters of textiles and
                                 effective marketing medium.
                                                                                          hand-made goods. They have
                                 This status has been achieved
                                 over the years through                                   been a part of this fair since
                                 constant efforts in                                      last 12-14 years. "It has been a
             Vivek Vikas
                                 professionalising the work                               good experience so far," said
             President, Reception
                                 components and creating                                  Mr. Kumar and informed that
             Committee, IHGF
                                 facilities comparable to any
             Delhi Fair-Spring 2017                                                       this season they have new
                                 international fair of prime
                                                                                          lines in beach towels,
             repute. With efficient management and professional
                                                                                          cushions and mats. With pure
             expertise in place, this fair is an ideal platform
                                                                                          cotton being the base, they
             conducive for international business.
                                                                                          had got cheerful colour
                                                                 variations in fluorescents, green, orange, coral, etc. These
           tastes. This time, the buyers' footfall has been great and
                                                                 are made of special yarn for European customers. "Our
           better than the last edition. EPCH has been doing a great
           job in giving us a good platform."                    South American buyers like hand-made
                                                                 rugs," added Mr. Kumar. This time buyer
               Mrs. Leela Bordia of Neerja International, a well
                                                                 response has good with representations
           acclaimed pioneer and largest manufacturer exporter of
                                                                 from from France, Italy and Spain, he
           Jaipur blue pottery shared, "our work basically represents
           craftsmen who have been into such traditional
           manufacturing of crafts. We have been supporting all      Mr. Harjeev S. Chawla of AVH
                                                                 Associates, Noida, who has
           those who have been involved in this but not getting
                                                                 been associated with this
                                                                 fair since over 10 years, got
                                                 and monetary
                                                                 along lines in texturised
                                                 support. We
                                                 connect them    fabrics achieved by
                                                                 combining various
                                                 with markets.
                                                                 techniques. They use organic
                                                 We have been
                                                                 fabrics and have also
                                                                 experimented with trendy
                                                 with IHGF since
                                                 its very first  colours for the season ahead.
                                                                 "We have a multiple
                                                 edition and we
                                                                 international buyer base
                                                 showcase our
                                                                 but our major markets for
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