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IHGF Delhi Fair-Spring 201 7

                                          needlework and         reported of good buyer response. There have been
                                          spring colours in their  encouraging enquiries too, he shared.  They have
                                          product range.         introduced patterned tables for this season. Their major
                                                                 export markets are Europe and USA.
                                              Among furniture
                                          exhibitors there was a      Then there was Mr. Sohan Jangid from, Jodhpur-
                                          large contingent from  IHGF Delhi Fair exhibitors since the 4 years. This season
                                          Jodhpur besides other  they have new themes of sand plastic and standard steel
                                          regions. Mr. Rakesh    with wood. Their major export markets are Germany and
                                          Mehta of Original Art  Italy. "IHGF is a very good platform for business. It is a
                                          Galleries, Jodhpur,    perfect idea. We had new enquiries from UK," said
                                          who has been part of   Mr. Jangid. Mr. S P Singh Chauhan from Shubham Art
                                          the IHGF Delhi Fair    Export, Jodhpur, now in their fourth year of participation
                                          since the past 10 years  in IHGF Delhi Fair said, this season they modified their

           Toy Stories                                           KCC Exim Pvt. Ltd. said,
                                                                     Tarun Chetwani of

                                                                 "this is the first time that I
           from IHGF Delhi Fair                                  have a stall at this fair but

                                                                 the experience has been
                                                                 overall good. We have
               Around 10 manufacturers specialising in toys and games
                                                                 been able to finalise
            were positioned at Hall 8 at the IHGF Delhi Fair-Spring 2017.  orders. They are not big because buyers don't want to order
            They were happy at this opportunity of inclusion at this show
                                                                 in large quantities for products in this category. We are
            and thank EPCH for welcoming their participation into the fold  basically making stuffed toys using material like jute and
            of this comprehensive international show.
                                                                 cotton and we have range of products from 40 - 3000 INR.”
               Regular participants like Afterskool - which has a lot of
                                                                                        Aayush Aggarwal representing
            stuffed toys and natural material toys, that add so much to a           Ankit toys Mfg. Co. was very thankful
            home, are always popular - even with home product buyers.               to EPCH for this opportunity. "We
               Venkat Chilla of Toy Zone Impex Pvt. Ltd. was  happy to be           have been getting good response
            at IHGF and shared, though this fair has been majorly for the           from the visitors and we would like to
                                                market of home                      take part in the next edition as well,"
                                                furnishing,                         he said. They specialise in plastic and
                                                textiles and                        related material products and their
                                                décor related                       main importers are from Middle East
                                                products,                           and SAARC nations.
                                                introducing          The Indian toy industry is as old and variegated as its
                                                participants of  heritage. Play, with emphasis on safety and learning, are the
                                                toys here is a   core foundations for the toy industry in India. India
                                                unique and       manufactures toys and games made from a variety of man-
            welcome approach. As far as business of toys is concerned it is  made as well as natural materials, including rubber, metal,
            a little less as compared to other major attractions at the show  textile, wood, etc. This industry is predominantly confined to
            but with subsequent participations buyers would know that  the small scale sector and is spread all over the country,
            they can source these products through this fair as well.  catering to the local needs of different parts of India.

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