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I  n focus

           VRIKSH Certification

           EPCH facilitates woodware manufacturing & export sector get compliant,

           assures trade of recognised and credible certification

               VRIKSH is a program which is totally based on the timber
            legality assessment and verification of the wood that is
            procured and managed by the manufacturers & exporters of
            wooden handicraft industries in India. This is an EPCH initiative
            for the benefit of manufacturers & exporters of wooden
            handicrafts. The VRIKSH Standard conforms to all major
            compliance requirements including the new CITES
            notification. To fulfill the obligation, the Vriksh Shipment
            Certificate, issued exclusively by EPCH is mandatory to go
            alongwith all shipments of two Dalbergia's species
            (Rosewood and Sheesham) products.
                                                                 Hon’ble Union Minister of State for Law  & Justice and Electronics &
               The Convention on International Trade in Endangered  Information Technology, Mr. P P Chaudhary(above) and Secretary,
            Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) placed the entire  Ministry of Textiles, Ms. Rashmi Verma (below) seen at the VRIKSH Theme
                                                                 Area at IHGF Delhi Fair-Spring 2017
            genus Dalbergia species in Appendix II of the CITES, thereby
            controlling wooden handicrafts made from Dalbergia species.
            The timber industry faced crisis and the entire industry got
            effected by a single move that was done in order to protect
            the forests and the environment, especially to control illegal
            procurement of timber, rampant in many countries. The Govt.
            of India filed for reservation against this notification with the
                                                 Secretariat at
                                                 Geneva and
                                                 also proposed
                                                 EPCH to issue
                                                 comparable      countries. It has received overwhelming response and
                                                 document in     acceptance from manufacturers and traders based out of
                                                 lieu of the     Jodhpur, Jaipur, Saharanpur, Moradabad and their adjoining
                                                 CITES permit.   areas where woodcrafts and furniture are being manufactured.
           The VRIKSH Theme Area at IHGF Delhi Fair-Spring
                                                 The reservation  At last count 190 Certificates had been issued. During IHGF
            has been accepted and EPCH  can now issue VRIKSH     Delhi Fair, EPCH organised a seminar and set up an information
            Shipment Certificates to all complying exporters who are  booth as well as a VRIKSH Theme Area to disseminate
            exporting handicraft items made from Dalbergia       information about this certification among manufacturers
            species.Besides the VRIKSH Shipment Certificate, VRIKSH is  and visiting buyers. The contact details of EPCH as Vriksh
            fast being recognised by consumers, importers and retailers  Shipment Certificate issuing authority is also placed at:
            in all major wooden handicrafts and wooden furniture market

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