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           Leading exporters of furniture and woodcrafts from
                                                                                           While many VRIKSH certified
           Jodhpur share their views on VRIKSH
                                                                                        exporters are already benefitting
                                                                                        from the program, many others
                                 "We realised the benefits of wood
                                                                                        who are now unable to ship out
                                 legality certification - VRIKSH early
                                                                                        Sheesham and Rosewood goods
                                 on. We, along with many other
                                                                                        are contacting us (EPCH) for
                                 established manufacturers and
                                                                                        issuance of VRIKSH Shipment
                                 exporters from the Jodhpur region
                                                                                        Certificate. To facilitate our
                                 have benefited from the assessment
                                                                                        woodware exporting members,
                                 and certification. It is evident as we
                                                                   we would set-up stations in regions to expedite and fast
                                 proudly display that we are VRIKSH
                                                                   track the audit and certification process.
                                 complaint. As of now, after the CITES
                                                                   Rakesh Kumar, Executive Director, EPCH
           regulations, it is mandatory to be VRIKSH compliant to have the
           Vriksh Shipment Certificate as most of the woodware exporters
           would be doing at least some product with Sheesham or                       "EPCH has helped the entire
           Rosewood."                                                                  woodcraft industry when the crisis
           Bharat Dinesh, Bharat Arts & Crafts, Jodhpur                                came in form of international
                                                                                       regulations. Having VRIKSH
                                "Had EPCH not intervened and helped,                   Certification has its own benefits and
                                it would have become nearly                            it provides you a bridge where no
                                impossible to export woodware. EPCH                    inconvenience takes place while
                                came up with the idea of VRIKSH and                    doing business. The certification
                                represented the wood industry to                       helps at all levels from auditing to
                                various conventions and convinced  assessment to free flow of shipments. VRIKSH also helped
                                various authorities and forums for  recently when shipment in transit got stuck due to non -
                                our business practices."         compliance with the regulations. I am really thankful to EPCH for
                                Lekhraj Maheshwari               getting us VRIKSH."
           (immediate past Chairman, EPCH), Rajasthan Handloom &  Amit Rawat of Yatrik Arts & Crafts Pvt. Ltd., Jodhpur
           Handicrafts Industries, Jaipur
                                                                                       "Having business without any
                                 "In the world of rules & regulations, it              problem is an important part in any
                                 is necessary to have one single                       economy but due to new regulations,
                                 agency which can help in complying                    it became almost impossible to have
                                 with every rule and each regulation.                  business abroad. After the
                                 VRISKH helps us in a very befitting                   regulations, it was not possible for
                                 manner and also saves time and                        an individual buyer to comply with
                                 effort of manufacturers. With the                     foreign regulations and to get
                                 dedication and support of EPCH, we                    everything done. It was EPCH who
                                 are having flawless overseas    supported, represented us to various platforms for continuing
           business." Girish Agarwal, Sankalp International, Jaipur  of our business
                                                                 and came up
                                 "The efforts of EPCH were very crucial  with the idea
                                 in the making of VRIKSH Certification.  of VRIKSH. I am
                                 It is because of VRIKSH Certification  really thankful
                                 that we are able to do business in  for EPCH's
                                 European and American countries.  dedication."
                                 This helps us at every level and it is a  Naresh Bothra,
                                 good step."                     Bothra
                                 Gaurav Sharma, Nupur International,  International,
                                 New Delhi                       Jodhpur

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