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T heme displays

           Thematic Display
           Jodhpur Mega Cluster

           Crafts persons from Jodhpur put up

           a variety on display at IHGF Delhi Fair

                                                                 process. Their display had
                                                                 the famed craft of camel
                                                                 bone inlay in wood as
                                                                 well as intricate
                                                                 perforation & latticed
                                                                 work on wood ware.

                                                                    Another woodcraft
                                                                 specialist, Rajendra
                                                                 Suthar prides in a
                                                                 business experience of
                                                                 sixteen years. An artisan with skills inherited from his earlier
                                                                 generations and polished with experience as well as learning,
               The thematic display of Jodhpur Mega Cluster at IHGF  this woodcraft enthusiast offers wooden furniture and
            Delhi Fair-Spring 2017 stood pretty with a thoughtful spread-  exquisite home décor products made with combinations of
            out from 10 artisans, mostly experiencing their maiden  steel, jute, etc. With confidence owing to a good clientele and
            participation at the fair. All the way from Jodhpur were  patronage in the Jodhpur market, he is interested to move to
            product lines in leather embroidery; horn, bone & MOP  the next level of business, i.e. the export market. "EPCH has
            products; tie & dye crafts; embroidery & applique; hand block  made my dream of global recognition for my products come
            printing; punja durries; art metalware; and woodcraft. In  true ," he says as he envisions of a farther market reach.
            conversation with Team EPB, at the fair they expressed their
                                                                    Innovations like contemporary and stylised leather bags
            enthusiasm at the prospect of getting direct orders and at
                                                                 using local materials and artwork results from a passion and
            learnings  from interacting with overseas buyers.
                                                                                                      enthusiasm to
               A seasoned artisan entrepreneur with 32 years in this                                  take a family
            business, Pratap Singh Rawna Rajput’s enterprise has                                      heritage forward
            been nurtured by two generations. "Our secret is hard                                     for Mohit
                                              work as most of the                                     Panwar, a
                                              manufacturing                                           graduate from
                                              requires proficient                                     NIFT. Leather
                                              handwork," he                                           craft for this
                                              emphasised and                                          family has been a
                                              informed that with
                                                                                                      family tradition
                                              the passage of time                                     since his
                                              and bigger order   grandmother’s times and Mohit is carrying this forward quite
                                              demands, finishing  well. He is also involved in manufacturing leather jewellery and
                                              machinery is       other fashion accessories like bags, purses, dairies, decorative
                                              included in the    and handheld mirrors, with leather as a staple.

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