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           Secretary Textiles inaugurates fair, commends
           sector and EPCH on illustrious journey
               Secretary Textiles, Ms. Rashmi Verma, inaugurated the 43rd
           IHGF Delhi Fair in the presence of Mr. Alok Kumar, Development
           Commissioner (Handicrafts) and Mr. Deepak Agarwal, Chief
           Executive Officer, Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority
           (GNIDA). The occasion was also graced by Mr. D Kumar, Chairman,
           EPCH; Vice-Chairmen, EPCH-Mr. O P Prahladka and Mr. Sagar Mehta;
           President and Vice President, Reception Committee, IHGF Delhi
           Fair-Spring 2017- Mr. Vivek Vikas and Mr. Karan Singh Yadav; and
           Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Executive Director, EPCH.
               On establishing a World Record - Congratulating EPCH for
           IHGF's entry into the Limca Book of World Records as the 'world's
           largest congregation of handicraft exhibitors under one roof',
           Secretary Textiles, Ms. Rashmi Verma praised the sector on IHGF's
           growth journey and complimented EPCH on establishing its identity
           as well as opportunities the fair offers to all segments of the industry.
           Speaking about the unique attributes as well as immense
           prospective of the show, she highlighted its expanse with various
           sectors that collectively bring in a large variety. "Every time I visit this
           fair I see new product lines on display and this is the reason that a
           large number of buyers from across the globe visit this fair to source
           their requirements," she said.

               On creating marketing linkages - She further added that
           EPCH is always fulfilling its objective of creating marketing
           linkages for promoting small and upcoming entrepreneurs, artisans
           and crafts persons. She appreciated EPCH's special thrust to
           promote crafts from regions and small and upcoming
           entrepreneurs alongside leading and established export houses at
           its shows. Owing to such endeavours, she said, this sector
           continues to grow, registering commendable export growth.
           Congratulating the Council for facilitating double digit export
           growth even in tough market conditions, Ms. Verma said, “the
           Indian handicrafts industry has continued to make its mark
                                                                     had launched for the handloom sector, selected handicraft
           internationally through new products, product innovations and
                                                                     items will have a branding exercise done," informed, Ms.
           showcasing these products for buyers with EPCH’s active role.
                                                                     Rashmi Verma, adding that this will help exporters in
               On VRIKSH - an "important initiative" and branding    showcasing and selling of their products.This branding will
           handicrafts - Expressing her satisfaction at the worldwide  give an assurance of quality, certification, standards, etc.
           recognition of EPCH's VRIKSH Certification after the Council's  and the fact that it is branded as 'Handmade in India' or
           sustained efforts, the Secretary Textiles called it an "important  'Made in India' there will be an assurance that it is indeed
           initiative" that will help woodcraft exporters tide through  handmade in India. Expressing her concern at certain
           international standards & certification impositions. In this direction  countries like China making machine-made low cost
           she emphasised, there has also been a lot of demand for branding  products that are almost similar looking to Indian
           of Indian handicrafts and the Office of the DC (Handicrafts) is  handicrafts, she said, branding may help our exporters in
           working on this. "Very soon, just like the ‘India Handloom Mark’ we  assuring their buyers of authentic products.

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