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IHGF Delhi Fair-Spring 201 7

                                               wood. We have     IHGF Delhi Fair continues to adds to its
                                               used brass in     established identity
                                               some lines. "We
                                                                                     There is a lot of enthusiasm
                                                                                     amongst overseas buyers for this
                                               participated in                       solo fair of the cottage sector
                                               various                               being organised in India. The fair
                                               international                         has established its identity in the
                                               exhibitions but                       world market and in addition,
                                                                                     has entered the Limca Book of
                                               IHGF has proved
                                                                                     Records for providing
                                               to be the best
                                                                                     participation of largest
           source for business and to reach new customers," says  Alok Kumar
                                                                                     handicrafts exhibitors under one
           Mr. Gupta and adds that Denmark, Holland and Finland  DC (Handlooms &     roof. The fair is a great
           are among their major export markets. They saw a "very  Handicrafts),     opportunity for small and
           positive response from buyers including enquiries from  Ministry of Textiles,  medium exporters to showcase
           Europe and Guatemala."                                Govt. of India      their products.

               "This is our 10th  participation at IHGF Delhi Fair," said
                                                                                     aqua blue hues. Among other
           Ms. Priti Jain of Delhi based Exmart International and
                                                                                     products are glitzy cushions,
           added that among their new assortments on offer this
           season are wooden products with a distinct eye catching                   metalware and clocks, tuned for
           finish. "This time we added crystal items as well as a                    their major markets in USA. IHGF
                                                                                     Delhi Fair is a good platform for
                                                                                     them as it brings in more business
                                                                 than any other trade congregation. "One of the best
                                                                 things about this fair is that it brings us in direct contact
                                                                 with buyers sans any middleman. It is a two person deal,"
                                                                 says the proprietor, Mr. Prince Malik who further adds,
                                                                 "we got good buyer response and are satisfied with our
                                                                 performance. We have new enquiries from Middle East,
                                                                 Latin America as well as from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

                                                                     Among exhibitors displaying musical instruments
                                                                 was Chopra Musicals from Meerut who have been
                                                                 regular IHGF Delhi Fair participants since 15 years now.
           selection in handicraft lines," she said. Their main markets  Their representative, Mr.
           are USA and regions in Europe. She feels, this fair offers a  Mohit Chopra informed,
           good platform to exhibitors to interact and connect with  "this time we are offering
           people from different part of globe. "We meet so many  new collection of drums and
           trade visitors here and the more people we meet the   some glass products.
           more links we are building. This response of buyers is  Europe is our main market
           good. Some enquiries have come in from new buyers     for exports for musical
           from Italy and USA," she concluded.                   articles," and added that
               At Delhi based Osyrus Overseas, the focus this    this trade show offers a lot
                                                                 of opportunities for
           season is on the ‘ocean’ with products confirming to a 'to
                                                                 exporters like him to expand
           the beach and back' theme replete with sea green and
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