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           their business in international as well as the domestic market.  primarily use brass and aluminium in their
           Buyer response for them has been good with enquiries from     products. USA and Europe are their major
           Europe, Japan and China.                                      markets. They got enquires from Spain,
                                                                         Indonesia and Mexico this time.
               Nautical decor and instruments inspired by maritime
           adventures of a bygone era and 16th century sailors, appeared in
           the form of impressive collections and fully functional lines in  This fair has grown to become the largest
           compasses, sextants, telescopes, binoculars, theodolites, armillary  of its kind
           sundials, magnifiers and clocks in brass, nickel and bright high-                    This show has grown
           luster finish. An antique brass patina makes some pieces, timeless                   to become the
           and a connoisseur's delight. Among gifting and promotionals,                         world’s largest for
           miniatures and antique replicas vied for attention, alongside solid                  handicrafts, textiles,
           brass and stainless steel surveying instruments, levels, ship's                      decorative and gifts,
                                                                                                giving the buyer a
                                                telegraphs, desk
                                                                                                perfect platform to
                                                barometers, balance
                                                                                                look for new
                                                scales, sundials,
                                                                          Dinesh Kumar          products in an
                                                astrolabes, ship's wheels,
                                                                          Chairman, EPCH        environment,
                                                brass bells, walking                            conducive for
                                                sticks, flasks, key chains,  business. It provides special facilities for
                                                chart dividers, lighters,  establishing contacts with Indian suppliers. It
                                                pocket flashlights and    is a great place for buyers from around the
                                                                          world to source some of the rarest and
                                                more. And then, there
                                                                          finest handicrafts from every nook & corner
                                                were choices in armillary
                                                                          of the country. It also gives oportunity for
           lamps, decoratives and collectibles, antique finish globe spheres in
                                                                          the foreign buyers to have one-to-one
           varying colours; digitally printed globe poufs; wall accent and  interacton with exporters and source
           corner décor anchors in multi mediums like reclaimed wood,     products as per their requirments.
           metal, etc.; boat shaped display racks, star fish shaped fun accents,
           ship’s wheel and much more that add a subtle nautical charm or
           define theme interiors. Haryana based Arts Beauty Exports,
           exporters of clocks, telescopes, glass items and globes offered
           various shapes in globes and clocks at the fair. "Our main markets
           are USA and Europe and the response of buyers this time has
           been good with enquiries from many new buyers from Turkey and
           Europe," said their representative, Mr. Gaurav Arora.

               Mr. Nadeem Khan of Sea Line Creations with marine
           collections, aluminum products, candle stands, anchor globes, etc.
           tuned for markets in  USA, UK and parts of Europe said, "IHGF Delhi
           Fair as a trade platform is a very good thing. It helps us connect
           with customers from different countries. We have enquiries from
           our regular markets." Mr. Anirudh Yadav of A & S International
           brought in telephones, gramophones and clocks, enhancing the
           old world nostalgia. "This time we created a unique thing. We
           made a tools button telephone with inbuilt Bluetooth in a
           gramophone with a new design," he shared and added that they

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