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           15th March 2017:  Common Facility Centre, Jodhpur
           This was marked with the presence of Ms. Usha Jangid, prominent EPCH member exporter from the Jodhpur cluster; faculty
           - Dr. Charu Wali Khanna and Mr. Shiv Khanna; and Mr. Ravi Veer Choudhary, HPO, O/o DC (Handicrafts), Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

            the four walls of their homes and only men perform roles and  • Gender specific violence against women like stalking,
            responsiblilities outside. The discussion on the ‘biological  outraging the modesty of the women, voyeurism, etc.
            factors why a daughter is born’ was taken very positively by  • Introduction about protection of women from domestic
            the participants and they declared that the next time when
                                                                    violence act, sexual harassment of women at workplace,
            they come across a situation where a woman is blamed for  etc.
            giving birth to a daughter, they will sensitise people about
                                                                     The participants responded very actively and shared their
            how the man is responsible for his child’s gender. Thereafter,
                                                                 views that parents get their younger children married just to
            women’s hygiene was discussed and it was emphasised that
                                                                 get rid of the responsibility. Participants also chorused a
            women should not feel ashamed of something that signifies
                                                                 declaration that they will not accept dowry in their sons’
            their strength. In fact, they must feel proud about it. The
            faculty also detailed on the following :
                                                                     At the end of the first session, a group activity was
            • The basic laws dealing with the women related
                                                                 conducted to help the participants share their problems
              legislations, like Factories Act which provide for provision
                                                                 (practically) which they face from society. Participants raised
              of separate toilet, separate restroom, etc.
                                                                 few questions after the group activity, which was addressed by
            • Introduction of marriage laws, adoption laws, maintenance  the faculty and she suggested effective solutions as well.
              law; Dowry laws

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