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            Theme Presentation

            Sustainable Crafts from NER

               The thematic presentation of crafts from North     gold. Buyer response at this fair has been good with
            Eastern Region (NER) showcased artistic tribal textiles,  enquiries. “Many don’t believe my product is handmade,”
            dry flowers, bamboo and cane products, home           said Shahid. This entrepreneur finds EPCH's skill
            accessories, home furnishing & artistic textiles, made ups,  development seminars and workshops quite helpful.
            fabrics, shawls, textiles, gifts, trimmings and
                                                                                                 Benney Lorin from a
            embellishments, etc. A pleasant mix of bright as well as                          charity society from
            subdued merchandise here, instantly appealed, just like                           Nagaland and participant
            the attitude of exhibitors there. With a team of 19                               at Home Expo India said,
            artisans and entrepreneurs, this collective display                               “I have been doing this
            included crafts from Assam, Tripura, Manipur, Meghalaya,
                                                                                              work since 9-10 years
            Nagaland and Sikkim. The arts and crafts of this region  and I am thankful that I have got the chance to share my
            are distinctively different because of the craft work, use  society's craft products.” Dr. Tika Prasad Sharma from a
            of colour and techniques and raw material base. The   Sikkim based NGO is thankful for this platform as this
            states here are known for abundant natural materials  brought him
            such as cane, bamboo, timber, clay, natural fiber, etc. and
                                                                  in direct
            take pride as land of craftsmen whose unique skills have  contact with
            passed down through generations and have gracefully   buyers. “I
            incorporated modern eco-friendly technologies to      have not
            appeal to the contemporary consumer and craft         only got
            connoisseur alike.
                                  Md. Shahid Ali from Nature      but have benefitted from ideas to customise our
                              Trade, Lakhimpur, Assam who         products as per market requisites. Many buyers and
                              specialises in cane & bamboo        designers came up to us and even gave their opinion on
                              jewellery says, this process is     how we could improve our products,” he said. His NGO is
                              tedious and the craft is entirely   trying to nurture young artisans from rural areas  by
                              made by hand. “This is my family    teaching as well as fine-tuning their craft skills. These
                              business and we’ve been doing this  products already enjoy a good demand in the local
                              from generations,” he informs and   market, he added.
            adds that the best seller is "japi" necklace that is      Amma Bagbi from Arunachal Pradesh too
            appreciated by Westeners. He looks forward to expand  represents a welfare society. This was her first time
            his business with new designs using pearls and even   participation at an EPCH show and she is greatful for this

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