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Home Expo India 2017

                                 opportunity. “This is a chance
                                 to showcase my craft at such a
                                 big scale,” she said. She
                                 specialises in making dry
                                 flower decoratives using a
                                 combination of cloth, bamboo,
                                 flowers and other dried plant
                                 parts, and has been involved
                                 in this craft category since five
                                 years. “I sell these articles all
                                 over India and we also train
                                 others in the production of
            these goods. People from various countries have
            come up here and seen our products and have liked
            them,” detailed Amma.

               Exhibitors Nita Gurung, Bicky Regmi and Jyoti
            Chettri represent a self-help group from Meghalaya.    Among regular exhibitors at this thematic NER
            They deal mainly in jute and bamboo and are trying to  presentation who are counted among EPCH show patrons
            expand their three year old enterprise by reaching out  now is Puberun Sharma who deals
                                                  to the        in organically dyed, handspun
                                                  international  Muga and Eri silk as well as cotton
                                                  market.       handloom stoles. Having been in
                                                  They          this profession since 8 years,
                                                  commission    Puberun appreciates overseas
                                                  women in      buyers who value organic and
                                                  rural areas   natural products. He opines, “the
                                                  to carry out  response to our products has
                                                  their         been good. We plan to bring more
            manufacturing by offering them gainful employment.  products to the market and
            This was their second participation at this expo. They  showcase our regional crafts. I
            shared, “we find EPCH's skill development seminars  believe that we need more skill
            and workshops really helpful. We are from a very small  development workshops so that
            region. Some people don't                           we develop our crafting and
            even know about our craft                           entrepreneur skills for better
            but EPCH is helping us to                           trade.” Bapan Sarkar, representing
            communicate to buyers.”                             Sarah Fashion Fabric has been
               Neeiotpal Deka from                              participating in EPCH fairs since
            Assam got along artisanal                           last four years. Handlooms are their forte with products
            textile products like bags,                         like cushion covers and stoles. “The response has been
            table runners, small rugs,                          good. I have recently been to the Hong Kong fair and
            placemats, etc. He got a good                       buyers have responded well to my products. Buyers are
            response and his products                           interested in using our natural dye based products
            generated enquiries.                                because they sustainable,” he concluded.

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