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Home Expo India 2017

           wood based products.
           "We are getting really
           good response from
           people and buyers have
           came with enquiries,"
           she shared. Another
           such aipan artisan at the show was Kirti Singh from
           Haldwani, Nainital. The initiative of EPCH to showcase
           regional crafts is going to help lost regional art to come
           out of confines and reach new generations, she feels and
           said, "my main focus is to retain the traditional elements
           in a product, mostly paintings, bags and apparel, while                 Kumari Bala from Udham Singh
                               giving it a contemporary appeal."                Nagar calls hand block printing her forte.
                                   Vandana Nagarkoti from                       She explained of using this method to
                                                                                adorn diaries, table covers and small
                               Almora specialises in artistic
                                                                                boxes, besides sarees and traditional
                               shawls. This was her first
                               participation and she was here to                Indian suits, since over an year. "I think
                               grow her 'fairly young' business.                the platform of Home Expo will help my
                               "We make all the products         business and help me get new orders," she quipped. I
                                                                 have been doing this craft 1 year and connected to a
                               ourselves and they are all original
                                                                 small organisation that is working from 2 years and
                               designs. We don't copy from
                               anyone," she emphasised,  quickly  wants to preserve the traditional art.
                               adding about the buyer                "EPCH has given us a platform to elevate ourselves
                               appreciation her shawls have      and has encouraged us to continue our craft traditions.
                               gained at the expo. Deepa Sahni   Our products are sold all over the country and we are
                               from Roorkee who specialises in   aiming at the international market now. We make
           zarimala products feels, such initiatives of EPCH and the  cushion covers, file covers, laptop bags and many wood
           government have empowered women with gainful          products. The response of the buyers during this fair has
           employment, making it possible ror them to work from  been positive," shared Kiran Shah from Uttarakhand
           their homes.                                          Folk Art. An artisan for ringal baskets - Rahul Kumar

               Artisan Gaurav Bisht is of the                    shared a hope that people in remote craft concentration
                                                                 areas are getting work because of the Govt.'s and EPCH's
           opinion that such EPCH initiatives
                                                                 intervention. He has attended many skill development
           offer a promising platform for
           regional art to connect with the                      seminars organised by EPCH and appreciates inclusion
           outside world. "My organisation                       of designers (with practical approach) in most of them.
           makes woolen carpets using hand                       "Now there's variety in our products and we are
                                                                 confident of making further variations," he emphasised.
           knotting techniques  and
           sustainable methods," he shared. He is concerned of the   Maheshwari Khati from Jai Nanda Utthan Samiti said,
           declining demand of handmade floor accessories as they  "through this fair we have learnt more about the
           are expensive than machine made products, owing to    demands of consumers and buyers from different
           the labour and process involved. At Home Expo India,  countries." Sarita Bangiyal, a first time participant is
           buyers, especially from Singapore and Europe liked their  elated at the buyer response to her "100% handmade"
           products, informed Gaurav and hopes for orders.       carpet range. „

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