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           Buyers Comment                                          Prime Interest: Home Decor

                                                                                        I am from
           on Home Expo India 2017                                                      Decoraciones
                                                                                        Lar studio and
                                                                                        this is my visit to
                                                                                        this fair. I think the fair
           Prime Interest: Home Products                                                is really good and it has a lot of

                                 I represent Maison Citron Sarl                         nice products. I am specifically
                                 Company and am here for home                           looking for home accessories and
                                 furniture, bed linen, cushions, brass  furniture. I do have a buying agent in India. I import from
                                 and metal décor. This is my first visit  USA as well. People in Mexico like Indian products. This fair is
                                 here. I feel, there's a big market for  not big but it's good.  I will come back for the October fair.
                                 Indian products in France because  Marian, Mexico
                                 people like handmade things very
                                 much and are even willing to pay for  Prime Interest: Home Products
           it. Personally, I find prices here reasonable.
                                                                                             I am a buying agent and
           Adeline Lhermenault,France
                                                                                             work for several French
                                                                                             companies. We have a lot of
           Prime Interest: Handmade articles                                                 potential buyers in our
                                                                                             country but they are aways a
                                 I am from  ILOT interiors and am
                                                                                             bit hesitant to come to India.
                                 here looking for handicrafts. I have
                                                                                             I bring French buyers here
                                 attended EPCH’s bigger fairs in
                                                                                             and they absolutely love this
                                 February and October. This one is
                                                                 show. They always spread the good word about EPCH shows
                                 comparatively compact. I import
                                                                 and bring more people with subsequent visits.
                                 from India, China and Indonesia.
                                                                 Veronique, France
                                 I feel, India offers the best metal
                                 goods and enjoys a big market for
           such products in Spain.   Sabino, Spain               Prime Interest: Northern crafts
                                                                 My company is Studio One Solution
           Prime Interest: Wooden Furniture                      and I am here for furniture, rugs, crafts,
                                                                 leather, etc. I am looking for a wide
                                 This is my second visit to this show.
                                                                 variety. I am here for the first time  and
                                 I am from Tony Wais Design and am
                                                                 it’s a good exposure. All handicrafts
                                 specifically looking for wooden
                                                                 and artisans for home products
                                 furniture. I already found some really
                                                                 are under one roof and
                                 good options. I am open to meet
                                                                 that’s a good thing.
                                 new suppliers but I am comfortable
                                                                 Mamta Puri, USA
                                 with my regular ones as they are
                                 cooperative and I know them very
           well. I like Indian style because even though they are a bit
           expensive as compared to Chinese products, they are very
           colourful, made beautifully and are more durable. India and
           China are big exporters to the world and we see Indian
           products in China all the time.   Olivia, China

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