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Home Expo India 2017

                                 Prime Interest:  Furnishings
                                                                   Fruitful buyer visits- key indicators of
                                 I am specifically looking for textile,
                                                                   exhibitors doing good business
                                 furniture and home décor things.
                                 India has a well established market                   With the 6th edition of Home
                                 and the show is very well organised                   Expo India having concluded
                                 with nice facilities.                                 on a promising note, buyers’
                                 Joanna Hellen, UK                                     interest in our Home segment
                                                                                       products is once again
                                                                                       reiterated. Fruitful buyer visits
           Prime Interest: Furniture                                                   are key indicators of our
                                My company is Home Décor and                           exhibitors doing commendable
                                                                   R K Verma           business. The artisan groups
                                Gifts. I am specifically looking for
                                                                   Director, EPCH      and entrepreneurs from the
                                furniture. In Mexico, people like
                                                                   Central, North, North Eastern regions got very
                                Indian products as they are really
                                                                   good exposure and the buyer-seller meet of crafts
                                affordable and of good quality. India
                                                                   persons from Uttarakhand was very successful too.
                                has a big manufacturing base and
                                                                   We’re hopeful of seeing all our patrons again for the
                                I really like distinct Indian styles. They
                                                                   44th IHGF Delhi Fair – Autumn and Indian
                                are colourful and traditional.
                                                                   Fashion Jewellery & Accesories Show (IFJAS), due
           Rafel, Mexico
                                                                   from 12th-16th October 2017.

           Prime Interest:  Antique Reproductions
                                                                              Prime Interest: Furniture & Lighting
                                 I am specifically
                                                                              This is my first time here so I really don't have
                                 looking for old
                                                                                                     an earlier edition
                                 furniture and antique
                                                                                                     or other EPCH
                                 reproductions here.
                                                                                                     shows to compare
                                 The  EPCH February
                                                                                                     Home Expo with.
                                 fair was huge and
                                                                                                     I am specifically
                                 there was so much to
                                                                                                     looking for
                                 do. This one allows me
                                                                                                     furniture and
           lot of time. Indian products are very popular in
                                                                                                     lighting. People
           Lebanon and we import frequently from here.
                                                                              here are friendly and welcoming and I am
           Charbel, Lebanon
                                                                              looking forward to source good quality
                                                                              products.   Yannick Dichampt, France
           Prime Interest: Home products
                                                                 Prime Interest: Home Decor
                                 This is my second visit to India.
                                 I have my buying agents in India.                     I was born and brought up in India
                                 Indian products are good but some                     and so I want to build a bridge
                                 handicrafts take lot of time in the                   between India and UK. There’s a big
                                 production process. I also import                     manufacturing base in India and
                                 from China but Indian products are                    I am looking for suppliers. This is my
                                 handmade and have that edge over                      first EPCH show but I plan to come
                                 other suppliers. The variety suppliers                here for the next ones too.
           offer here is really good.   Antoine El Haber, Lebanon                      Param, UK

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