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Home Expo India 2017

           Hon’ble Minister of Textiles, Mrs. Smriti Zubin Irani, seen with Mr. Dinesh Kumar,
           Chairman, EPCH; Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Executive Director, EPCH; COA members of
           the Council and exhibitors, during her visit to Home Expo India 2017

               Galvanized metal, a key aesthetic in the farmhouse
           movement, offered many more applications and was
           most commonly seen in serveware and entertainment-
                                                                 mass produced as well as upscale items, home products
           based pieces. Planters and gardening ideas for urban
                                                                 manufactured in India easily appeal as they are credited
           homes became an emerging category as buyers quested
                                                                 for handcrafted as well as hand finished detailing. This
           for simple lines to complement their botanical pursuits.
                                                                 attribute is exclusive to few countries but India enjoys a
               Lamps and lighting brought in a variety in materials
                                                                 well-defined edge, feel many European buyers.
           for fixtures, flush lights, wall scones, pendants,
           chandeliers, lamps, etc. Hurricane lanterns were
           presented with different detailing and versatility
           that could fit into any space. Some can be used as
           a cluster or just as a pair for the doorway or patio
           settings. A variety in pillar candles complemented
           this category.

               Resplendent weaves, surface detailing, flowing
           florals, shots of colour, earthy notes with block
           printing, ajrakh, chippa work, etc.  and refreshing
           applications with monochrome, ombre and
           contrasts featured among the vibrant display of
           home textiles.

               As consumers  want authenticity in what they
           buy and expect elements of personalisation in

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