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           The Impact                                            Record store                     The Top 100’s
                                                                                                  2016 share of
               The $43.51 billion sales figure was up from $40.61 billion  growth                  Sales through
           for the same stores in 2015, the seventh consecutive sales                           U.S. furniture stores
                                                                     While sales growth didn’t
           increase for the list, and beat the $41.87 billion in 2015 sales
                                                                 match the success of the former
           for last year’s Top 100 companies. The 7.2% gain also easily
                                                                 Top 100, this year’s stores made
           topped the estimated 2% increase to $53.88 billion for all
                                                                 up for it with the greatest store  Top 100
           furniture stores.                                                                      81%
                                                                 count growth since Furniture                All other
               In Furniture Today’s 34th annual ranking of USA’s largest                                     furniture
                                                                 Today began tracking the                     stores
           furniture chains, this year’s Top 100 took an 81% share of that                                    19%
                                                                 measure. The group added a
           overall furniture store sales pie. That’s up from the 80% share
                                                                 whopping 1,504 stores for a
           for last year’s Top 100 and was the fourth consecutive year the
                                                                 13.3% increase. This could   Estimated furniture, bedding and
           group captured 75% or more of the market. Compared with all                        accessory sales through U.S. furniture
                                                                 suggest that the retail apocalypse  stores were $53.9 billion in 2016, up
           distribution channels, the Top 100 took 40% of the estimated                       2% from $52.8 billion in 2015.
                                                                 so many have reported has not
           $104.8 billion overall sales pie vs. the 39% share for last year’s                 Total U.S. furniture store sales from all
                                                                 had much of an impact on large  product categories were $58.6
           top companies.                                                                     billion in 2016 and $57.4 billion in
                                                                      furniture store operators as  2015.
                    Top 100 growth in sales and units, 2015-2016      other retailer channels, but
                                                                                                 Sales through all
                                                                      there’s one big caveat to
                                 Sales in billions*      Units
                                                                                               distribution channels
                              2016  2015 %change   2016 2015 %change  that called Mattress Firm.
                    All Top 100  $43.5 $40.6  7.2%  12,781 11,277  13.3%  The No. 2 company on the
                       Top 10  $23.3 $21.2  9.8%   7,159 5,823  22.9%  Top 100 gobbled up the           All other retail
             Top 100 conventional                                     former No. 12, Sleepy’s, at        outlets**
                 furniture stores  $23.4 $22.0  6.4%  3,300 3,151  4.7%                                   60%
                                                                      the beginning of a new
                      Top 100
                 specialty stores  $20.1 $18.6  8.0%  9,481 8,126  16.7%  fiscal reporting period last  Top 100
                                                                      year. With that move, it
            *Sales of furniture, bedding and accessories
            Source: PBM Strategic Insights, 2017 Furnitre Today Survey of Top 100 U.S. Furniture Stores
                                                                      added about 1,050 stores
                                                                 to its count and the Top 100 lost  Estimated furniture and bedding
                                                                                              sales through all distribution
                                                                 Sleepy’s in the process. However,  channels were $104.8 billion in
                                                                 comparing this year’s Top 100 and
                                                                                              *Top 100 sales of furniture and
                                                                 its combined 12,781 stores with  bedding only, excluding decorative
                                                                 last year’s list yields a much more  **Includes furniture stores not
                                                                                              within the Top 100, as well as sales
                                                                 modest 440-store increase. Still,  through department stores,
                                                                                              warehouse membership clubs,
                                                                 the biggest of the big continue to  online retailers, discount department
                                                                                              stores, catalog merchants, television
                                                                 grow at the fastest rate. The Top  sellers, designers, office supply
                                                                                              stores, rental stores, used outlets,
                                                                 10 on this year’s list saw a 9.8%  home accent/gift specialty stores,
                                                                                              appliance/ electronics stores, military
                                                                 sales increase to $23.27 billion,  exchanges, home improvement
                                                                                              centers, garden centers,
                                                                 the best gain of any subcategory.  supermarkets and drug stores,
                                                                                              among others.
                                                                 Store count for the group grew
                                                                                              Source: PBM Strategic Insights, 2017
                                                                 fastest, too, by 22.9%, or 1,336  Furniture Today Survey of Top 100 U.S.
                                                                                              Furniture Stores and the U.S. Dept. of
                                                                 units, to end the year with a
                                                                 combined 7,159 stores. But again, thank Mattress Firm for most
                                                                 of that. Ashley HomeStore, the dedicated network of company-
                                                                 owned and licensed Ashley stores, continued its dominance,
                                                                 taking the No. 1 slot for the 11th year in a row. Ashley grew its
                                                                 US HomeStore sales 8.8% to $3.84 billion, while US store

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