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               The largest increase , both in terms of percentage growth  With 30 companies reporting, median sales per square
           and net dollar growth,  belonged to Mattress Firm, with sales up  foot increased to $276 from $270 for last year’s companies. No.
           35.2%, or by $900 million, to $3.46 billion.          80 Lovesac was again the leader with average sales per square
                                                                 foot of $1,308, followed by No. 25 Room & Board ($955), Sleep
               No. 66 Big Sandy Superstore owned the next best
                                                                 Number ($937), and No. 52 Gallery Furniture ($644). With 16
           percentage gain  with furniture, bedding and accessory sales
                                                                 companies reporting, median stock turns declined to 6.8 times
           up 26.8% to an estimated $104 million. No. 68 Wellsville
                                                                 from 7 times for last year’s Top 100, and there’s a new No. 1 in
           Carpet Town was third with sales up 26.3% to $97.5 million.
                                                                 the category: Mattress1One, which turned inventory an
               The next best net volume gain behind Mattress Firm came
                                                                 average of 30 times, topping Gallery Furniture’s 19 turns and
           from the Ashley HomeStore network, which added $310.7
                                                                 the 16 turns for No. 34 Hill Country Holdings, the Ashley
           million in U.S. sales, followed by No. 6 Berkshire Hathaway’s
                                                                 HomeStore licensee that had been the leader in the
           furniture division, which tacked on another $170.6 million in
                                                                 performance metric for four straight years. Median gross
           furniture, bedding and accessory business and topped $2
                                                                 margin statistics were developed for 15 companies and fell to
           billion for the first time. Sixteen stores posted sales decreases.
                                                                 47% from 50% for last year’s group. Topping the list, as it has for
           Only one was down double digits, and that was No. 86 FAMSA,
                                                                 17 years now, was No. 10 Sleep Number with an average gross
           the 28-store Hispanic market retailer where furniture, bedding
                                                                 margin of 61.8%. Next best was No. 16 Havertys at 54% and
           and accessory business was off 11.7% to $68 million.
                                                                 then Hill Country 51.6%.
           More than half boost store count
                                                                 Specialty stores dominate in
               Fifty-one companies added stores last year (down slightly
           from 54 on last year’s Top 100), and 13 added 10 or more units.  growth
           Among the top five gainers, three are bedding specialists, and
                                                                     As usual, the specialty retailers on the Top 100 thoroughly
           one operates sleep stores in addition to full-line stores. Behind
                                                                 dominated their larger conventional store counterparts. And as
           the quadruple net store count gain for Mattress Firm, was No.
                                                                 usual, they owed that domination to the bedding specialist
           10 Sleep Number, which added a net 52 stores to end the year
                                                                 subset. Without them, the conventional stores would have
           with 540 showrooms.
                                                                 ruled both in terms of sales and store growth. The 27 specialty
               Ashley HomeStore was third with a 43-store net gain,
                                                                 stores on the Top 100 — same number as last year, combined
           followed by last year’s Top 100 newcomer No. 45 Mattress1One
                                                                 for an 8% increase in 2016 sales to $20.13 billion. The 73
           with a 30-store gain. The fifth greatest store expansion
                                                                 conventional stores saw a 6.4% increase to $23.38 billion.
           belonged to No. 18 Art Van, which added a net 19 stores,
           including a dozen Art Van PureSleep locations.
           Additional performance metrics
               Wellsville Carpet Town, which operates 15 Ashley
           HomeStores in New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio, jumped 10
           spots up the Top 100 (more than any other retailer) to No. 68.
           The Weston Mills, N.Y.-based retailer’s 26.3% sales increase to
           $97.5 million came without adding any showrooms, although
           expansion is under way this year. There were no other
           doubledigit rank jumpers this year, although four retailers
           moved eight places up the ranking: No. 56 Broad River
           Furniture, No. 73 FFO Home, No. 76 Roche Bobois and No. 84
           Russell Turner Furniture Holding. This time, the Top 100 lost
           ground in two of three other performance measures —
           median stock turns and gross margin — but saw an increase in
           median sales per square foot.

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