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                      EPCH helps handicraft sector get GST ready

                             Awareness seminars organised across craft hubs & clusters

                          Expert faculty guide member exporters on post-GST implications

               The much talked about Goods & Services Tax (GST) is to be  23th May 2017;  Chennai
           in force w.e.f. 1st July 2017. This is a comprehensive tax levied
           on manufacture, sale and consumption of goods and services at
           a national level that is all set to integrate the state economies
           and boost overall growth, impacting the tax structure, tax
           incidence, tax computation, tax payment, compliance, credit
           utilisation and reporting, leading to a complete overhaul of the
           current indirect tax system. It is expected to have a far-reaching
                                                                 Present on the occasion
           impact on almost all aspects of business operations in the  were, Mr. K LRamesh,
           country. Owing to this, there has been anxiety about the soon  Regional Convenor-South,
           to be GST regime among manufacturers and exporters in the  EPCH; Mr. P Subramanian,
           industry. EPCH, in its representation to the concerned  former COA Member,
           Government departments, has requested for all artisans to be  EPCH; Mr. N Ramamurthi,
                                                                 Asst. Director, O/o DC
           completely exempted from GST as was in the past, so that onus
                                                                 (Handicrafts), Chennai; and
           of paying GST under reverse charge is not applicable on the
                                                                 Expert faculty on GST,
           exporters. The Council had specifically requested for relaxation
                                                                 Mr. R Kiran Gaikwad
           in provision of stock in hand for handicrafts exporters. The
           calculation of duty drawback rates under the new GST regime  This was well attended with 50 participants including 39
           to be simplified has also been requested. In order to educate  artisans. EPCH member exporters present on the ocassion, like
           exporters about the implication of the GST on the handicrafts  Mr. K LRamesh, Regional Convenor-South, EPCH; and Mr. P
           sector and also how to migrate to the new tax regime, EPCH  Subramanian, former COA Member, EPCH, shared their journey
           conducted awareness seminars in several craft hubs and  and experience in the handicrafts industry, emphasising on the
           clusters across India.                                requisites of a successful exports business. They also informed
                                                                 the participants of the Council’s multifarious activities. Mr. N
           23th April 2017;  Jaipur
                                                                 Ramamurthy from the O/o DC (H) spoke about the various
                                                                 schemes and benefits available through his office, for the
                                                                 artisans community. He also informed the participants about
                                                                 online registration of handicraft products s in the "India
                                                                 Handmade Bazar Portal".  Expert faculty, Mr. R Kiran Gaikwad
                                                                 made a detailed presentation on GST, considering the
                                                                 importance of structural shift in Tax Policy to GST model,
                                                                 highlighting the advantages like, elimination of various taxes, as
                                                                 all taxes would be brought into one tax net. He explained
                                                                 about the GST policy, features and tax rate slabs. Participants
               In Jaipur, the GST awareness seminar was conducted with  raised many questions and got explanations from the faculty.
           Chartered Accountant, Mr.  Yash Dhaddha. Mr. Lekhraj  The programme successfully concluded with a formal vote of
           Maheshwari, Member, COA, EPCH, moderated the session  thanks to all the participants and the dignitaries present during
           including 20 participants and 4 artisans.             the seminar.

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