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           technology to increase production
           quality & quantity, development of
           handicraft industries in tribal &
           backward regions, manufacturing
           handicraft products in large scale
           with exportable quality, use of
           e-Commerce in direct marketing
           of handicrafts, as well as financial
           assistance to artisans. Dr. Joy Sen,
           Professor, Department of
           Architecture & Regional Planning,
           IIT Kharagpur and  Head of Ranbir
                                          Mr. Indrasen Vencatachellum, former Director, Division of Creative Industries, UNESCO, addressing the
           and Chitra Gupta School of
                                          gathering at the round table on Revival of Languishing Crafts of India. Also seen in the picture
           Infrastructure and Design, IIT  M r. Shantmanu, Development Commissioner (Handicrafts)
           Kharagpur, spoke on ‘Creative
           Clusters and Economy: a new avenue for export promoting  creation, production, marketing and consumption of natural
           Textile Industries’. He concluded by informing that an exercise  products made of renewable raw materials.  He said that
           of IIT Kharagpur, under SandHI, Project Varanasi venture has  artisans are to be considered as bearer of tradition and to be
           begun by mapping spatial distribution of creative employment.  recognized as active partners in modern enterprises and a

               Mr. Simon Rein, Program Manager for Google Arts &  critical link within the cultural heritage and creative industries
           Culture in India, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, spoke on  framework.
           Google Arts & Culture’s new project "We wear culture" that  Ms. Ritu Sethi, Chairperson, Craft Revival Trust, also
           showcases 3000 years of fashion using state-of-the-art  moderated the session during her address informed that since
           technology, including Virtual Reality, 360º videos and high  time immemorial traditional crafts and arts in India were
           resolution imagery on mobile and desktop. 183 world famous  utilised by builders and decorators, however in the last many
           museums, fashion councils and universities from 42 countries  decades the colonial inheritance of exclusion of India’s craft
           participated in this project, to enable unique online access to  production from architectural practice has continued. There is
           historic and contemporary stories that decode the various  an imperative need to re-look at building bridges between the
           aspects of fashion for everyone.  He took the audience on a  traditional craft practices and the architectural field by
           journey through the history of Indian fashion to show how it  reconnecting craftspeople.
           can be presented in the digital age.
                                                                     Smt. Jaya Jaitly, Guest Speaker & Chairperson, Dastkari Haat
               Mr.  Ratnesh Kumar Jha, Addl. Development Commissioner  Samiti, addressed the gathering and informed that use of
           (Handicrafts) was also present on the occasion.       technology can be used to linkage craft for social purpose and
           Revival of Languishing Crafts of India                small efforts can lead to great change. The connecting of crafts
                                                                 as has been done in Banaras with the toy-makers painting
               This round table had among speakers - Mr. Indrasen
                                                                 rickshaws. Efforts can be made for creation of Database of
           Vencatachellum, former Director, Division of Creative
                                                                 artisans to be made available in public domain.
           Industries, UNESCO, Ms. Ritu Sethi, Chairperson, Craft Revival
           Trust; Mrs. Geeta Ram, President, Craft Council of India and  Ms. Geeta Ram, Guest Speaker & President, Craft Council of
                                                                 India, addressed the Round Table participants and informed that
           co-founder of Industree Foundation and Industree Crafts Pvt.
                                                                 very few crafts skill is presently exist in Southern India and Ikat
           Ltd., Smt. Jaya Jaitly, an activist, founder Dastkari Haat Samiti.
                                                                 Craft is one the example which can be preserved with the help
               Mr. Indrasen Vencatachellum, informed about the threats
                                                                 of concerned Government authorities.
           posed by natural disaster to maintenance of the eco system
                                                                     Mr. Shantmanu, Development Commissioner (Handicrafts)
           and also on revival of endangered crafts. He stressed on giving
                                                                 also attended the Round Table. „
           greater stress on sustainable development through the

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