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Sourcing from Handloom Clusters of India
Virtual Panel Discussion on National Handloom Day

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In his opening address, Mr. Ravi K Passi, Chairman, EPCH, stressed on the need to continue with the long and illustrative history, heritage and craftsmanship of handlooms and encourage youngsters to adopt the same, thus keeping alive, the heritage of producing the best of textile products from the country. As expert panelists, Ms. Mudita Mishra, ADC (Handicrafts); Mr. Santosh Kumar Singh ADC(Handlooms); Mr. Rakesh Kumar
Director General, EPCH; Mr. T V Chandrasekaran, Chairman (HEPC);
Mr. Vishal Dhingra, Chairman, BAA;
Ms. Anchal Kansal, General Secretary, BAA; and Mr. Sanjay Kumar, Executive Director, CEPC, shared their vast experience. The session was well attended by the Councilís member exporters from different parts of the country alongwith Mr. R K Malhotra, Vice Chairman, EPCH; Mr. R K Verma, Executive Director, EPCH; Members of Committee of Administration; and
Mr. Rajesh Rawat, Joint Director, EPCH..

Key drivers that define
Global Consumer Trends

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